Sergeant punished for threatening singer with gun

An air force sergeant has paid the price for his arrogance in threatening singer Pongsit Kampee with a pistol because he would not shake hands during a recent concert.

Sergeant First Class (FS1) Phobtrai Naksuwan was ordered to undergo special training for three months, starting immediately.

The punishment detail followed an inquiry set up after the sergeant pointed a Glock pistol at the singer, who had declined to shake hands with him in the middle of a  about 1am on Thursday.

A video clip capturing his action circulated rapidly on social media, drawing fierce criticism and prompting the air force to look into his behaviour.

Police also charged him with possessing a firearm in a public place and threatening others, after Pongsit lodged a complaint at Muang police station.

Police did not press a more serious charge of threatening Pongsit’s life, because he did not pull the trigger.

FS1 Phobtrai, 48, is based at Wing 21 in Udon Ratchathani and was assigned temporarily to Amnat Charoen at the time. He was freed on bail on Thursday night and later detained in custody at Wing 21.

FS1 Phobtrai begged public forgiveness from the musician on Friday, fearing he may be dismissed from the service. Pongsit withdrew the complaint on Sunday, saying the sergeant had no intention to threaten his life.

Although the singer withdrew the complaint, Pol Capt Jane Wisetrum, who is in charge of the investigation, said they would continue to pursue the case because criminal charges could not be compromised.

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