Schoolgirls sent to hospital after getting HPV vaccine

A girl is taken by ambulance to a hospital in Phitsanulok after developing tightening of the chest and palpitations following an HPV vaccination. (Photo by Chinnawat Singha)

PHITSANULOK – Four Prathom 5 students were rushed to a hospital after they were given an HPV vaccination on Wednesday morning.

Following the injection – said to help prevent the development of cervical cancer later in life – eleven girls developed tightness of the chest, palpitations and fatigue. 

Medical personnel rushed to Ban Krang (Phra Khao Chaisit) School to give first-aid treatment, and four girls were sent to the hospital – one in a serious condition due to her chronic asthma. The girl was later reported to be recovering.  

Charunee Nasorn, a senior nurse at Ban Krang health promotion centre, said the injection had been given to a total of 16 Prathom-5 students, 11 of whom developed symptoms.  She said that the centre had previously given the injection to students from another school with no adverse effects, and a doctor would need to investigate the cause of the symptoms. 

Sasipa Phuthiladdawan, a teacher at the school, said the 16 students had received their parents’ consent to receive the vaccination voluntarily.  

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