Poll: Government ranks lower in third year

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-ocha greets people as he presides over a farmers fair at Suan Lumpini, Bangkok, on Wednesday. (Photo by Chanat Katanyu)

After three years, the military government’s perceived performances have dropped in all areas in the latest opinion survey.

The Bangkok Poll, conducted on 1,216 people on the third anniversary of the Prayut Chan-o-cha government, found the respondents gave the administration an average overall score of 5.27 out of 10, compared to 5.83 after 18 months and 6.19 after two years.

Although declines were seen across the board, a breakdown showed the areas it ranked the highest were national security (6.38), administration and law enforcement (5.75), society and quality of life (5.30), and foreign affairs (5.09).

Notably, the economy remained its weak spot, with the “failed” score of 3.85.

The areas with the biggest declines in perceived performances compared to the previous survey done 18 months ago are economy (-0.78 percentage points), society and quality of life (-0.59), administration and law enforcement (-0.58), security (-0.52) and foreign affairs (-0.32).  

The same trend was also seen for Gen Prayut, who was scored 7.00 on average in the third year, compared to 7.40 after 18 months and 7.57 after two years.

His perceived performances of which scores dropped the most were: diligence and dedication (-0.61 percentage points), protection of public interests (-0.47) and competence (-0.42). 

The survey also found the areas people wanted to see reformed before the general election are: the economy (32.5%), corruption in politics and bureaucracy (12.8%) and farm prices (10.0%). 

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