Phra Phayom receives 11 stitches after slip and fall

Phra Phayom (Bangkok Post file photo)

Outspoken monk Phra Phayom Galayano is believed to have escaped serious injury after he slipped and fell on a wet floor at his temple.

In a video clip shared online, a monk falls and hits his head on the floor, tries to get up, and is then helped by followers. The monk is believed to be Phra Phayom, the abbot of Wat Suan Kaew in Nonthaburi.

In a media interview, the activist monk, 64, said the person in the video clip was him and the accident happened on the morning of Aug 18.

He said he was rushed to hospital where he received 11 stitches, and a CT scan which showed no serious injuries. He was discharged to recuperate at the temple.

After the news broke, well-wishers went to the temple to wish him a full recovery.
The monk called on his followers to look after the elderly, make sure they wear proper shoes and avoid slippery surfaces.

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