Pak forces indulge in grave rights violations in Balochistan: Baloch-American leader

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Pakistani security forces are committing grave human rights violations in Balochistan, a Baloch-American leader has alleged while calling for implementation of the Leahy Amendment which prohibits the US military aid to forces accused of breaching human rights.

“I am appealing to all Americans of good will to help end crimes against humanity in Balochistan in whatever way you can,” Amar Khan, founder and president of the American Friends of Baluchistan said at an event at the George Washington University here yesterday.

The event was addressed among others by Christine Fair, a South Asia expert and Associate Professor at the Georgetown University and T Kumar from Amnesty International.

“I have come here to appeal to our common humanity as the Baloch people are facing crimes against humanity at the hands of Pakistan due to a deadly $ 54 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor,” Khan said.

He called for implementation of the 1997 Leahy Amendment, under which US military assistance cannot be given to foreign armed forces suspected of committing, encouraging or tolerating human rights violation.

Pakistani forces are carrying out gross violation of human rights in Balochistan, Khan alleged.

Baluchistan which is 44 per cent of Pakistan’s land mass and less than 10 per cent of the population is extremely rich land with the poorest inhabitants, he said.

Recounting his first-hand experience of being a victim of torture and human rights abuse by Pakistani intelligence agencies, Afghan American Najeeb Khan in his address urged Pashtuns and Afghans “to stand with the people of Baluchistan for their fundamental right of self-determination”.

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