Iran attacks: At least 12 dead in Parliament, Khomeini shrine shootings; ISIS claims responsibility

Iran attacks: The body of a terrorist, at background left, lies on the ground while police control the scene at the shine of late Iranian revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, just outside Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, June 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

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The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the twin attacks on the Parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini shrine, which has left at least twelve people dead and 42 injured, the Iranian media reported.  The group’s state news agency AMAQ said in a statement: “Fighters from Islamic state attacked Khomeini’s shrine and the Iranian parliament in Tehran.” Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry told Reuters that they foiled a third attack later today.The shooting incident at the Iranian  parliament has been stopped as all four attackers have been killed. “The security forces are checking for bombs and clearing the building,” IRIB said.

Four gunmen, including a suicide bomber, had opened fire at the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini Wednesday killing a gardener, and in another attack, four gunmen entered the Iran Parliament complex and opened fire killing a security guard and injuring several others. Meanwhile, one attacker blew himself up inside Iranian Parliament complex, while another suicide bomber blew himself up at the shrine, as per Reuters quoting state media. This was the second suicide bombing at the shrine minutes after a woman had blown herself up after three or four armed assailants stormed the site. Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said members of a third group were arrested before being able to carry out any attack. Iranian officials have not yet confirmed if the two attacks are linked or who was behind the twin attacks. Local Iranian media report that the Presidential building has been locked down and nobody is being allowed to enter or leave the premises.

Press TV, an Iranian news channel, reported that several civilians have been injured at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in southern Tehran. One attacker blew himself up at the site – a suicide attack. Ali Khalili from the mausoleum’s public relations office told IRNA news agency that one of the armed men detonated himself in front of a bank outside the mausoleum.  The Associated Press reports, quoting Iran’s state TV news website, that four “terrorists,” including a suicide bomber, attacked the shrine of the late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the capital, Tehran, killing a security guard and wounding four people.” Iran state TV confirmed that one attacker at the shrine has been killed by security forces and a woman has been arrested. ILNA reported that two attackers had been arrested and five people were wounded at the shrine. One person has been confirmed dead, it said, the reported. Click for LIVE updates on the attacks underway in Iran.

In the Parliament attack, a security guard was killed in the firing. Iran news agency FARS News reports, quoting a senior member of the Parliament’s Presiding Board Akbar Ranjbarzadeh, as saying that the assailant in Parliament was arrested at the Parliament’s hallway. Reports also say that the attacker was carrying two Kalashnikov rifles and a handgun.

Several attackers stormed into Iran’s parliament and a suicide bomber targeted the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday, killing a security guard and wounding 12 other people in rare twin attacks, with the shooting at the legislature still underway. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

News agency Reuters reported, quoting Iranian news agencies, that there was one attacker who shot at a guard and ran away, but contradictory local reports state that there were four in the Iranian Parliament. “A person entered Iranian parliament today and started shooting at the guards. He shot one of the guards in the leg and ran away.” News agency Mehr, however, reports quoting MP Elias Hazrati, that three shooters attacked the Iran Parliament. He further said that two civilian visitors were injured along with one security officer.

More details are awaited.

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