Falling plaster hurts passenger at Phuket airport

Phuket airport staff inspect the area where ceiling panels and plaster fell on Saturday afternoon. (Photos by Achadtaya Chuenniran)

PHUKET: A passenger suffered a cut on his head when plaster and ceiling panels fell on him while he was waiting for his plane at a departure gate at Phuket airport Saturday.

Bancha Sa-nguannam, a Phuket native, received first aid and was taken Thalang Hospital after large panels weighted down with loose plaster collapsed in the waiting room at Gate 81-82 at about 2.30pm.

He was waiting for a Nok Air flight bound for Don Mueang airport in Bangkok.

The management of Phuket airport later said that plaster beneath the second floor of the departure terminal had deteriorated over time and fallen onto the first-floor ceiling panels, which finally could not bear the load.

The area was cordoned off for repairs and the management apologised for the incident.

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