Chief of “dilapidated” Si Sa Ket police station transferred

SI SA KET — The superintendent of the Kantharalak police station in this northeastern province has been transferred in a disciplinary action after an evaluation team reported lax discipline and poor conditions at the station.

The dilapidated police station in Kantharalak district in Si Sa Ket leads to the transfer of the station chief. (Photos by Sermpong Thongsamrit)

Under an order issued by the Provincial Police Region 3 commissioner, Pol Col Chayakorn Thesabamrung, chief of the Kantharalak police station, is to be transferred to work at the provincial police operation centre for 30 days, pending an investigation into the team’s findings.

The alleged poor conditions were found by a police team which conducted an inspection of the police station, picked at random, following the July 20 meeting of police stations under the Provincial Police Region 3. 

At the meeting, all police stations were instructed to improve their image and public services in line with the policy laid down by Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda and Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon.

Seven police stations were picked at random for inspection by the evaluation team.

The team visited Kantharalak police station on Aug 3.

During the inspection, the panel scoured the station building and police living quarters and found them in a dilapidated condition and a general state of disrepair.  Grass had been left to grow in areas around the station, and piles of garbage and unwanted materials were found everywhere.  The toilets were dirty, dilapidated and unhygienic, emitting foul smells.

At 1.30pm on that day, the team called 191 to notify the police of a motorcycle accident about 10 kilometres from the police station.  The police telephone operator asked for some information, but then the call was dropped.

The team made six other telephone calls.  In one of the calls, the team heard a radio operator try to  the station, but nobody answered.  Five minutes later, a plain-clothes policeman arrived.  He told the team not to worry as there were security cameras at the petrol station where the accident took place.  As the motorcycle had an insurance policy, the policeman said it was not necessary for the team to file a report, saying they could file a compensation claim directly with the insurance company.

When the team insisted on filing a report, the policeman did not help them and simply left.

The team went to the police station, but did not see a public relations officer.  The team was then advised by a plain-clothes policeman to go up to see the duty officer on the second floor and file the report.

The team’s findings were reported to the Provincial Police Region 3 headquarters, leading to the Kantharalak police chief being transferred to the provincial police operation centrepending an investigation.

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