Canadian arrested for alleged shoplifting

Mina Sawed faces prosecution at the Pattaya police station late Monday night. (Photo by Treenai Jansrichon)

PATTAYA – A 28-year-old Canadian woman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting as shop staff found unchecked nail polish and manicure tools in her bag.

Sales clerks at Best Supermarket in tambon Nong Prue arrested Mina Sawed after finding the unpaid products in her bag at about 11pm Monday night and called police to take legal action against her.

Staff said that they monitored the woman who was acting suspiciously in the shop and found unpaid products including five nail polish bottles, manicure tools, false-nail glue, and an eyelash brush in her bag when she approached the cashier.

A shop employee said that the shop often lost its goods to foreign shoplifters.

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