Barcelona terror attack LIVE updates: Spanish police kill 5 suspected terrorists, thwart second attack

Barcelona terror attack: An injured person is treated in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017. (AP Photo) Top News

At least 13 people were killed and a 100 injured after a van plowed into a crowd in the heart of Barcelona on Thursday. The van had swerved off the sidewalk into an area near the Las Ramblas avenue, a popular tourist district of the city usually crowded with foreigners who frequent the bars and shops on the stretch of this historical market area. The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hours after the attack, the Spanish Police killed five suspected terrorists in Cambrils, which is 100 kilometres to the south of Barcelona. They confirmed that the suspects were planning to target the region in a similar attack. Six civilians and one police officer were wounded by the attackers.

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10.30 am: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has strongly condemned the attack. In a tweet, he said, “Strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Share the pain of the families who lost their loved ones in this mindless violence.”

9.10 am:  is reporting that the fifth attacker in Cambrils, got down from the car and tried to stab people on the streets. All five suspected terrorists were gunned down by authorities on Thursday. The attack in Cambrils came nearly eight hours after the one in Barcelona. The police, who were initially working on the assumption that the two incidents were linked, were later able to confirm the theory, also revealing that the Cambrils attackers were wearing bomb belts. Seven people were injured by the terrorists in Cambrils, one of whom is in critical condition.

Barcelona terror attack: Police (not pictured) evacuate people after a van crashed into pedestrians near the Las Ramblas avenue in central Barcelona, Spain August 17, 2017. (Photo via Reuters)

8.55 am: The United Nations has strongly condemned the attack.  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres extending his condolences to the families of those killed, and wished the injured a speedy recovery. He hoped to see those responsible for swiftly brought to justice. “The United Nations stands in solidarity with the Government of Spain in its fight against terrorism and violent extremism,” a statement from the UN added.

8.50 am: Many world leaders have condemned the attack. There are at least 18 nationalities among the victims of the Barcelona attack, including France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium, Australia, Hungary, Peru, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Cuba, Macedonia, China, Italy and Algeria. Remember, it’s currently the tourist season in Spain, and Las Ramblas is one of Barcelona’s busiest streets. There are several shops and restaurants on the promenade, and it is normally packed with tourists and street performers.

8.30 am: In Cambrils, a city 100 kilometres to the South of Barcelona, the Spanish Police gunned down five suspected terrorists. Four were immediately killed and one later succumbed to his injuries. They were seen carrying out a similar attack in an Audi A3. Six pedestrians and one policeman were injured in the attack. One of the pedestrians is in critical condition. The police, who believed the incident was related to the one in Barcelona, later confirmed that the terrorists were wearing bomb belts. In Cambrils, residents have been asked to stay indoors and avoid public places. The Spanish Police are now working under the assumption that there was a larger plot in place, to target multiple Spanish cities.

Barcelona terror attack: People attend to injured persons at the scene after a van crashed into pedestrians near the Las Ramblas avenue in central Barcelona, Spain August 17, 2017. (Photo via Reuters)

8.25 am: The five suspects killed in Cambrils by the Spanish Police were wearing bomb belts, reports AP. In an anti-terror operation, the police foiled a second attack in the coastal city of Cambrils, killing five suspected terrorists.

8.15 am: The Barcelona football team will wear black arm bands during their match on Sunday at Camp Nou, as a mark of respect for the victims of Thursday’s attack. In a statement, the club said: “FC Barcelona wants to express its profound sorrow and utter disgust at the terrorist attack that has hit the heart of our city, la Rambla de Barcelona. The Club wishes to send our support and thoughts to the victims, their families and friends as well as the people of Barcelona and its visitors. As a mark of respect, the flags will fly at half-mast at the club’s installations and the players from both teams will wear black armbands in all the club’s matches this weekend,” reported ESPN.

8.00 am: After describing the incident as a “jihadist attack”, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Thursday had announced three days of official mourning. At 12 noon Spanish time, a minute of silence will be held for the victims at Plaça Catalunya.

7.55 am: Sikh Gurudwaras are staying open in Spain for anyone in need of food and shelter.

7.50 am: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday had said there were no Indian casualties in the attack. She tweeted emergency numbers in Barcelona, provided by the Indian Embassy.

7.45 am: The fifth ‘terrorist’, who was wounded by the police in Cambrils, has succumbed to his injuries, confirms the Catalonian police in a tweet.

Barcelona terror attack LIVE updates: People speak on their phones as they stand on a street in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017. (AP Photo)

7.40 am: Thursday’s attack is the deadliest in Spain since March 2004, when Islamic militants targeted commuter trains in Madrid. Multiple bomb explosions had killed 191 people and injured over 1,800 in the attack.

7.30 am: This is the statement the Islamic State group reportedly put out on Thursday in response to the attack: “The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states”. This is a reference to a U.S.-led coalition against the Sunni militant group, reports AP.

7.25 am: An anti-terror operation is being conducted across Spain right now, with police probing what could be one of multiple planned attacks. The Spanish Police is currently searching for the driver of the van, who was last seen fleeing the scene on foot.

Just to break it down, there were multiple incidents on Thursday, due to which the police believe the Las Ramblas attack was one of many. First, there was an explosion in a house in a separate town southwest of Barcelona, which killed one person. Second, the Las Ramblas attack in Barcelona. Third, police foiled a bomb plot in Cambrils; six civilians and one policeman have been injured.

Bareclona terror attack: The suspected van is towed away from the area where it crashed into pedestrians at Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain, August 18, 2017. REUTERS/Sergio Perez

7.15 am: The bomb squad has been sent to Cambrils to determine if the attackers were carrying explosive belts. The Catalan Police are expected to carry out a series of controlled explosions in the coastal town now.

7.05 am: The four “suspected terrorists” killed by the Spanish Police in Cambrils — around 100 kilometres from Barcelona to the south of the country — are believed to have been linked to the attack, confirm the Catalan police. A fifth suspect was left wounded. According to Reuters, they were trying to conduct a similar attack to the one in Barcelona. Six civilians and one police officer have been injured in Cambrils.

6:55 am: Here’s a recap of the events from Spain, in case you’re just joining us. On Thursday evening, at least 13 people were killed and a 100 injured after a van plowed into a promenade in Barcelona. The Islamic State terror group later claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was carried out by “the soldiers of the IS”.

In response to the attack, the Catalan police shot and killed four suspects and wounded a fifth. Las Ramblas, where the attack took place, is in lockdown. The van driver remains at large, after he abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot.

6:30 am: Spanish police confirm officers shot and killed four suspects in a separate alleged terror plot south of Barcelona, AP reported

5: 27 am: Several attackers killed in shootout in cambrils, south of Barcelona, after police announce operation, Spanish Media reported

1:11 am: ISIS claims responsibility for van attack in Barcelona through its Amaq news agency, Reuters report

12:10 am: Spanish police have released this photo of Driss Oukabir, the man who is alleged to have rented the van used in the attack in Barcelona.

12:05 am: Catalan regional police say they are evacuating people from Barcelona’s Las Ramblas area amid manhunt after van attack, AP reports.

11:55 pm: And it’s confirmed. A Catalan government official on Twitter said that 13 people have been confirmed killed in the incident.

11:50 pm: Catalan Foreign Minister condemned the attack and described the situation as ‘absolutely traumatic.’

11:40 pm: US President Donald Trump tweets, “The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!”

11:35 pm: Meanwhile, Sushma Swaraj confirms that there is no report of any Indian casualty in the attack. Indians, who are in an emergency, can the Indian embassy in Spain at +34-608769335.

11:30 pm: Okay, now Spanish public broadcaster RTVE is saying that one suspect in the van attack has been arrested, reports Associated Press.

11:25 pm: “Terrorists around the world should know — the United States and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told a press conference with Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and their Japanese counterparts. The US has offered its assistance to Spain with the investigation.

11:20 pm: Reuters has a good map showing where exactly the van swerved off the sidewalk to crash into the crowd.

11:15 pm: While local Spanish media is reporting a higher casualty figure, the authorities have stuck to the figure of one. However, they said the figure might go up as some of the injured are in a critical condition. Police are still searching for the driver of the van.

11:05 pm: To see photos from the site of the attack,

11:00 pm: The White House says President Donald Trump has been alerted to the unfolding situation in Barcelona. Chief of staff John Kelly is aware of the developments and is keeping the president informed. Trump is on a working vacation at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. His wife, first lady Melania Trump, sent her “thoughts and prayers” to Barcelona via Twitter.

10:40 pm: Police confirmed at a press conference that while one person has been confirmed killed in the incident, 32 others are injured of whom 10 are critically injured. The toll is likely to go up.

10:35 pm: Police confirms the deadly attack in Barcelona as an act of terrorism

Barcelona terror attack: Injured people are treated in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 after a white van jumped the sidewalk in the historic Las Ramblas district, crashing into a summer crowd of residents and tourists and injuring several people, police said. (AP Photo)

10:18 pm:  According to Reuters report, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he was in with authorities, and the priority was to attend to the injured.

10:09 pm:  Motive behind the attack is not confirmed yet. Catalan police have activated protocols for the attack. The  police is also searching for driver of the van that mowed down dozens in Barcelona.

9:55 pm: Local media is reporting that two people have been killed even though officials have not confirmed the same. At least 20 people are reported to be injured in the incident.

9:50 pm: Two armed men have entrenched themselves in a bar in Barcelona’s city centre, El Periodico newspaper is reporting. Gunfire in the area of La Boqueria Market is also being reported. It is not clear if the men were the drivers of the van.

9:40 pm: A photograph broadcast by RTVE showed three people lying on the ground in the northern Spanish city being helped by people.

9:30 pm: Local media is reporting that two armed men have entered a restaurant nearby.

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