Ambushed soldiers survive double bombing, gunmen

Security officers inspect the scene of the attack in Chanae district, Narathiwat, on Wednesday. (Photos by Waedao Harai)

NARATHIWAT – A lieutenant and two paramilitary rangers suffered bullet and shrapnel wounds when their armoured pickup truck was bombed twice and then attacked by gunmen in Chanae district on Wednesday.

The attack occurred on a local road in Ban Rue Poh village of tambon Dusong Yor about 9.30am. The target was a pickup truck commanded by Lt Paibool Boonchuai, 50, head of 4902 paramilitary ranger company.

The lieutenant and two paramilitary rangers – Watcharin Thongkhao, 40, and Nathawut Daengduang, 25 – were driving from their base in Ban Kayae village to attend a meeting on assistance for local farmers in Chanae district.

The first bomb that exploded damaged the pickup, but it was able to keep going, authorities said.

The second bomb then went off a little further up the road. It felled an electricity pole, partially blocking the road.

Gunmen emerged from the opposite side of the road and opened fire on the truck with assault rifles.

The patrol was able to  drive through the ambush and escape. All three soldiers were wounded and they sought help from local people about a kilometre along the road. They were taken to Chanae Hospital, where they were being treated for shrapnel and bullet wounds.

The truck was damaged by the explosion, and there were bullet holes in the body, windshield and windows. Some tyres were flat.

Bomb disposal officers examined the area of the attack and reported the bombs were placed in steel boxes, probably weighed 10 kilogrammes each, and were detonated by radio signals. 

A bomb disposal expert inspects the area around the toppled power pole, with debris from the first explosion visible further up the road.

The attacked pickup truck

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